Who is Devo the person?


51 year old female who acts like she is 12 which can be a hindrance..

4 beautiful grown children

100 plus tribal children

3 dogs

1 dat (cat that thinks its a dog)

1 mom

2 tribal moms

1 tribal dad

2 sisters

50 tribal sisters

2 brothers

30 tribal brothers

4 jobs I love and hate sometimes, such is life yes?

Austin Public Library Literature LIve


Trouble Puppet Theater Company


Devo the Clown – this one has taken a backseat to the others so my website is old


1 very patient, loving,creative, funny, handsome, smart, did I mention patient husband

1 clearly distinctive love of life


I am also Bipolar. In a country where the best facility my progressive,forward thinking town filled with artist only has one facility for triage of this nature. One facility that gave me plastic pillows, scratchy blankets and a room filled with old dorm furniture.This is a for profit facility and I have trouble believing my copay and my insurance did not give them enough money to treat me better.  That facility could make a lesser mind snap harder. The 15 minutes I spent with my Dr was not enough and the group therapy was torturous with no one to process the information with. This brings me to the conclusion I hurt myself in that hospital doing the power yoga I was not able to do in the “free” . The  last bastion of my sanity was in part due to the steroid shot my spine specialist suggested to help the two bulging disc in my back. Do not feel sorry for me. My life has been amazing and will continue to be so remember “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. I practiced that one my whole life and lived by it. Tough love is practiced there. If you come from a clan as I do this is what gets you there in the first place.

I got this diagnosis at 51 years of age. You can see what I am capable of broken. I am a happy Bipolar.I am a bulldog, I get my way. Sometimes it takes years, but I get my way. I speak to stars like they are the sitting on my couch. Stardom is when the avenues of opportunity and talent come together. I am surrounded by talent every day of my life.  This is one of the perks of my illness I choose to keep.  Some Bipolar s are not so lucky. I miss Craig, Janet, Michael and all the others that thought suicide or self destruction was easier than life.  Some do not have families and tribes that love them this much.

Once I get healthy I am going after this issue with my very own dragon-slayer sword filled with ink and ideas. Please understand this Dragon is made of tiny men who hide behind the skirts of their corporate mothers. I know this because my government has decided corporations are people. They have without realizing held themselves responsible for their actions. Thank you 7 deadly sins you have finally worked for me. I will soon have my website up. I will post it on the blog and if you would like to join me in the battle I would love to have you. We are stronger in packs just like our ancestors. Gun control, prison issues, obesity, poverty all the things that keep us up at night in my opinion can be fixed if we are sane.


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