Prompt 2 – write a monologue in which a regret is revealed

I love the new wallpaper. I think the robins egg blue brings out my eyes don’t you? I love blue, it has so many different emotions.  What you don’t think color has emotions? Oh my bad, yea I did say that wrong, color is inanimate it cannot feel What I mean to say is color evokes many emotions, especially blue. Restatement… best advice I ever got, thanks doc , that 180 an hour has paid off. I can express myself and my needs perfectly and now I need more blue in my life. Such a stupid language English, blue is joyful not depressingly sad blue is springtime. I had to leave you know, he did not understand my needs that I quite eloquently expressed. I do not often even think of him. Only when I need to get something off a shelf perhaps. My needs are simple someone that listens without judgement.  This includes you, so just wipe that smug look off your face. I think a good listener and perhaps a nice bowl of salted caramel ice cream. Oh and sex, yeah I miss the sex. He was very good at that and actually a good listener with his pants off. He was also a great cook, I do miss his spaghetti. Ok new list, I need great spaghetti, salted caramel ice cream and …what time is it? I think I may have jumped into this place too soon. I wonder if he is home from work yet. I have never done a booty call do you have any suggestions?


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