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The curious case of the tweet in the night


First let me come clean,  I am on twitter. When I first thought of my ripped of title I thought people might think I was talking about twitter. Then I remembered no one really reads this that expects a message that would wake you and require an update so yeah it was a sound. Not quite a tweet more like a bird like grumble and scratching woke me up. The sound was coming from my stove,above my stove in the vent. I listed quietly as what I assume is a small bird not very happy with the confined space made room for babies. I was sure of this as a piece of wheat fluttered down to my range top.  How did they get in? The sun was slow to rise but when it did I saw the hood is not screened outside. Now what…I know the rit thing to do. Let the babies grow and leave the nest,eat out till the process is complete. Or I could ignore the grumblings make breakfast and wait for eggs to drop. I have decided to let nature take its natural course. I have also decided to use the oven and the far left burner with caution until the nest is empty. Also not to post again until my computer is fixed. This iPad is not quite rit and I cannot figure out how to edit my bad spelling and grammar on it. Spring has sprung.


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