prompt 1 The hour of the day has a name. I call it…..

Two women on stage scratching is heard at the door.

1) you know he is not going to stop, I cannot believe you are willing to sit there and listen to this.

2) what  a grand idea music, maybe I could even get you to leave the couch for 2 min and dance with me.

1) he is not used to this, please for me just let him in

2) How about some rap, then we can get get all up in it

1) what

2) you know up in it

1) what are we getting up in

2) I don’t know the kids say it  maybe they are talking about getting up and dancing maybe they are talking about getting up in jello who the hell knows but they are sincere and passionate when they say it so I for one would love to get up in whatever it is

1) they said on the news earlier it is going to rain tonight

2) tv you love your tv why when you have the whole world outside that window do you choose to sit here and stare at strangers?

1) at least put some food out there I don’t think he finished his breakfast and if he does not stay on schedule he will get indigestion we know what that looks like you have worked so hard on keeping the house clean I would hate to see you have to start all over again

1) But here is the best part if I leave him out there he will soil the soil….ok that is funny you have to admit soil the soil….I should have been a comedian, you want anything I am going to get a soda

2) Please for god sake let him in

1) Sorry I could not hear you.

2) Please

1) You should try this new coke zero it is really good and does not add to the ass

2)If I give you the combination will you let him in

1) ok now we are getting somewhere, you know if you had made that offer hours ago we would not be here now

2) If I give you the combination will you please let him in and leave us alone

1) Ok now you are just getting greedy make up your mind you want him in or do you want me to leave because we both know if I leave you are in no shape to make it to the door.

2) Just let him in.

1) Combination first then the door opens.

2) It is written on the underside of the table.

1) damn you are smarter than you look, I always forget numbers, I might have to try this myself, ok (she writes it on her hand)


1) Ok  This hour of the day has a name I call it  love fest  time to let the dog back in….(she opens door looks out closes door). Oh sorry, you were right I should have left something out…he seems to have left us. Well actually thats wrong he is there but you know not ….spiritually here.

2) no,no,no

1) I thought he was a little hardier than that but honestly he was kinda an ass, so no harm no foul. After all this was supposed to be your romantic getaway and he did call me. The maid thing was really stupid, can you see this cleaning toilets…no way….

( door opens slowly behind her hand comes out and grabs at  her he falls then starts crawling towards #2 crying  # 1 laughs and exits)

Man) I am so, so…..

2) We will figure this out for now just untie me and let me hold you.


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