The curious case of the tweet in the night


First let me come clean,  I am on twitter. When I first thought of my ripped of title I thought people might think I was talking about twitter. Then I remembered no one really reads this that expects a message that would wake you and require an update so yeah it was a sound. Not quite a tweet more like a bird like grumble and scratching woke me up. The sound was coming from my stove,above my stove in the vent. I listed quietly as what I assume is a small bird not very happy with the confined space made room for babies. I was sure of this as a piece of wheat fluttered down to my range top.  How did they get in? The sun was slow to rise but when it did I saw the hood is not screened outside. Now what…I know the rit thing to do. Let the babies grow and leave the nest,eat out till the process is complete. Or I could ignore the grumblings make breakfast and wait for eggs to drop. I have decided to let nature take its natural course. I have also decided to use the oven and the far left burner with caution until the nest is empty. Also not to post again until my computer is fixed. This iPad is not quite rit and I cannot figure out how to edit my bad spelling and grammar on it. Spring has sprung.


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Prompt day 6 a head is lowered a sentence is pronounced it is early summer and a school day has begun

At Rise barren tree is onstage with a single light on it, Girl sitting under the tree.Gently petting the trunk.

Itzel: Don’t be sad silly, I will be back Father is very wise and he knows what is best for me. I am lucky you know.

2nd Girl enters running stops when she sees Mira.

Rae: There you are, you look stupid sitting in your best , on the ground no less Father will be furious.

Itzel: Rae, just go. Tell them you couldn’t find me, I need more time.

Rae:The bell I know you heard it and if I go back now … but if you come with.

Itzel:  Just a moment more, alone, go, leave I am not going back.

Rae: They know you’re not there the headcount has already happened. Maria will know she will tell Father. I can still hear him “The sun season is upon us we will honor my daughter itzel she will dwell as a princess in the afterlife to watch over our harvest”

Itzel: I will miss you.

Rae: I am not gonna miss you a bit, .

Itzel: Damn it I am not talking to you.

Rae:  I don’t care if you get caught or not. I will sneak back in and they won’t even notice i am gone, I am not the 

           princess of stupid. They will send a party with dogs, I wonder how your pretty clothes will hold up then.

Itzel: I just need.

Rae: Nobody cares except the dogs they will love a taste of the virgin .

Itzel I will miss you my beautiful te.

Rae: Can you hear them coming, I hear the dogs.

Itzel: I don’t want to meet Kisen

Rae: You were chosen, we all heard, it is an honor and you are so spoiled you cannot even see…I would proudly go

                                                 Itzel throws arms around Rae’s feet

Itzel: Please 

Rae: Stupid I told you to lay with Ikan then they would not …come on I will hide you.

Itzel: Oh Rae, thank

Rae: Shut up I still don’t like you princess but I know I would not want to meet Kisen 

Itzel: Rae why did you come looking for me.

Rae: That is what  laak do.

Itzel: I love you Rae

Rae: I love you princess of stupid, now run I have a boat waiting.

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Prompt 2 – write a monologue in which a regret is revealed

I love the new wallpaper. I think the robins egg blue brings out my eyes don’t you? I love blue, it has so many different emotions.  What you don’t think color has emotions? Oh my bad, yea I did say that wrong, color is inanimate it cannot feel What I mean to say is color evokes many emotions, especially blue. Restatement… best advice I ever got, thanks doc , that 180 an hour has paid off. I can express myself and my needs perfectly and now I need more blue in my life. Such a stupid language English, blue is joyful not depressingly sad blue is springtime. I had to leave you know, he did not understand my needs that I quite eloquently expressed. I do not often even think of him. Only when I need to get something off a shelf perhaps. My needs are simple someone that listens without judgement.  This includes you, so just wipe that smug look off your face. I think a good listener and perhaps a nice bowl of salted caramel ice cream. Oh and sex, yeah I miss the sex. He was very good at that and actually a good listener with his pants off. He was also a great cook, I do miss his spaghetti. Ok new list, I need great spaghetti, salted caramel ice cream and …what time is it? I think I may have jumped into this place too soon. I wonder if he is home from work yet. I have never done a booty call do you have any suggestions?

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prompt 1 The hour of the day has a name. I call it…..

Two women on stage scratching is heard at the door.

1) you know he is not going to stop, I cannot believe you are willing to sit there and listen to this.

2) what  a grand idea music, maybe I could even get you to leave the couch for 2 min and dance with me.

1) he is not used to this, please for me just let him in

2) How about some rap, then we can get get all up in it

1) what

2) you know up in it

1) what are we getting up in

2) I don’t know the kids say it  maybe they are talking about getting up and dancing maybe they are talking about getting up in jello who the hell knows but they are sincere and passionate when they say it so I for one would love to get up in whatever it is

1) they said on the news earlier it is going to rain tonight

2) tv you love your tv why when you have the whole world outside that window do you choose to sit here and stare at strangers?

1) at least put some food out there I don’t think he finished his breakfast and if he does not stay on schedule he will get indigestion we know what that looks like you have worked so hard on keeping the house clean I would hate to see you have to start all over again

1) But here is the best part if I leave him out there he will soil the soil….ok that is funny you have to admit soil the soil….I should have been a comedian, you want anything I am going to get a soda

2) Please for god sake let him in

1) Sorry I could not hear you.

2) Please

1) You should try this new coke zero it is really good and does not add to the ass

2)If I give you the combination will you let him in

1) ok now we are getting somewhere, you know if you had made that offer hours ago we would not be here now

2) If I give you the combination will you please let him in and leave us alone

1) Ok now you are just getting greedy make up your mind you want him in or do you want me to leave because we both know if I leave you are in no shape to make it to the door.

2) Just let him in.

1) Combination first then the door opens.

2) It is written on the underside of the table.

1) damn you are smarter than you look, I always forget numbers, I might have to try this myself, ok (she writes it on her hand)


1) Ok  This hour of the day has a name I call it  love fest  time to let the dog back in….(she opens door looks out closes door). Oh sorry, you were right I should have left something out…he seems to have left us. Well actually thats wrong he is there but you know not ….spiritually here.

2) no,no,no

1) I thought he was a little hardier than that but honestly he was kinda an ass, so no harm no foul. After all this was supposed to be your romantic getaway and he did call me. The maid thing was really stupid, can you see this cleaning toilets…no way….

( door opens slowly behind her hand comes out and grabs at  her he falls then starts crawling towards #2 crying  # 1 laughs and exits)

Man) I am so, so…..

2) We will figure this out for now just untie me and let me hold you.

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2013 get the f*** outta here

2013 kinda sucked….can I get an amen. I was told this was the year of the snake and I have to agree. Snakes in our culture represent and bring up many negatives; sneaky, scary,hurt, evil,unnatural,fear. Now I am not talking about those of us who embrace these creatures just the less enlightened like myself, those who craps themselves when they almost step on one.
2013 was for me the year of the snake. I had very high highs and very low lows that taught me valuable lessons.
The number one lesson is I am loved, not in that luv ya way but in that lay on top of your body until the bullets stop whizzing over your head way. I have apologized to all those bullet ridden individuals that have proven they can take the heat and still love me. Apologies do not seem like enough but will have to do. I think they know I would do the same for them but pray for their sake I never have to.
So fuck ya 2013, You brought your best slithering fang bearing self to my world and with the help of my family and friends were crushed or at least captured and thrown out of our lives.

On to 2014, New Year’s resolutions have never been my thing but I will try a few this year just because it is a new concept in this house to alter our habits based on a calendar.
Stop smoking….I have tried unsuccessfully 8 times but this year we are going to slowly cut down 10 percent a month to be exact. I will let you know how that goes.
Be Kind……really kind, not game show shit, mean it. No talking trash, no evil thoughts , trying to be proactive in kindness. This is easy with strangers, harder with people you like and damn near impossible with those you do not. I think if I make a concentrated effort to think before I speak this might be attainable.
Lose weight….whatever, no quick weight loss for me. It has taken me a year to grow this ass and I am sure it will take at least a year to lose it. I will continue to touch and tap my toes the only difference is I will say no after 8 pm to anything tasty and perhaps eat something green. I will let you know how this goes as well.

So there you have it fat smoking mean girl seeking redemption in 2014. Did 2013 treat you well? What is your 2014 plan?

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I lost a friend today. 

In a most unusual way.

His friendship I never pursued.

It was one I assumed would be renewed

His smile was kind and always around

Now that smile will no longer be found

He was my age, with a happy family

Young kids, a wife and a home where we would all care to be

I will miss him, this friend I never really knew

Never took the time because the hours seemed few

The hurried pace I always had never stopping long enough

To have that cup of coffee or lunch seemed too abrupt

Take the time to treasure all those people in your life

The ones who make you smile and bring a little spice

Because it is true what the philosophers tell us

Carpe Diem my friend, what we had must be enough 

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Being Sane

I think too much emphasis is placed on being Sane. How many of us can claim we have never had that moment when we questioned our sanity? After being on this journey for many months, I can say I appreciate being able to distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy.  I will admit I do miss the grandiose. Feeling like nothing can stop you from writing the next great novel or producing art that will make a difference. Changing the world at your fingertips is a great feeling. This new reality is slower more cognoscenti of my limitations. I am aware that I may never write that great novel or produce a perfect play but I will continue to write and draw and dream. My beautiful family has helped me reach this reality filled with love and understanding and I could not have done it without them.

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