Prompt day 6 a head is lowered a sentence is pronounced it is early summer and a school day has begun

At Rise barren tree is onstage with a single light on it, Girl sitting under the tree.Gently petting the trunk.

Itzel: Don’t be sad silly, I will be back Father is very wise and he knows what is best for me. I am lucky you know.

2nd Girl enters running stops when she sees Mira.

Rae: There you are, you look stupid sitting in your best , on the ground no less Father will be furious.

Itzel: Rae, just go. Tell them you couldn’t find me, I need more time.

Rae:The bell I know you heard it and if I go back now … but if you come with.

Itzel:  Just a moment more, alone, go, leave I am not going back.

Rae: They know you’re not there the headcount has already happened. Maria will know she will tell Father. I can still hear him “The sun season is upon us we will honor my daughter itzel she will dwell as a princess in the afterlife to watch over our harvest”

Itzel: I will miss you.

Rae: I am not gonna miss you a bit, .

Itzel: Damn it I am not talking to you.

Rae:  I don’t care if you get caught or not. I will sneak back in and they won’t even notice i am gone, I am not the 

           princess of stupid. They will send a party with dogs, I wonder how your pretty clothes will hold up then.

Itzel: I just need.

Rae: Nobody cares except the dogs they will love a taste of the virgin .

Itzel I will miss you my beautiful te.

Rae: Can you hear them coming, I hear the dogs.

Itzel: I don’t want to meet Kisen

Rae: You were chosen, we all heard, it is an honor and you are so spoiled you cannot even see…I would proudly go

                                                 Itzel throws arms around Rae’s feet

Itzel: Please 

Rae: Stupid I told you to lay with Ikan then they would not …come on I will hide you.

Itzel: Oh Rae, thank

Rae: Shut up I still don’t like you princess but I know I would not want to meet Kisen 

Itzel: Rae why did you come looking for me.

Rae: That is what  laak do.

Itzel: I love you Rae

Rae: I love you princess of stupid, now run I have a boat waiting.


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