2013 get the f*** outta here

2013 kinda sucked….can I get an amen. I was told this was the year of the snake and I have to agree. Snakes in our culture represent and bring up many negatives; sneaky, scary,hurt, evil,unnatural,fear. Now I am not talking about those of us who embrace these creatures just the less enlightened like myself, those who craps themselves when they almost step on one.
2013 was for me the year of the snake. I had very high highs and very low lows that taught me valuable lessons.
The number one lesson is I am loved, not in that luv ya way but in that lay on top of your body until the bullets stop whizzing over your head way. I have apologized to all those bullet ridden individuals that have proven they can take the heat and still love me. Apologies do not seem like enough but will have to do. I think they know I would do the same for them but pray for their sake I never have to.
So fuck ya 2013, You brought your best slithering fang bearing self to my world and with the help of my family and friends were crushed or at least captured and thrown out of our lives.

On to 2014, New Year’s resolutions have never been my thing but I will try a few this year just because it is a new concept in this house to alter our habits based on a calendar.
Stop smoking….I have tried unsuccessfully 8 times but this year we are going to slowly cut down 10 percent a month to be exact. I will let you know how that goes.
Be Kind……really kind, not game show shit, mean it. No talking trash, no evil thoughts , trying to be proactive in kindness. This is easy with strangers, harder with people you like and damn near impossible with those you do not. I think if I make a concentrated effort to think before I speak this might be attainable.
Lose weight….whatever, no quick weight loss for me. It has taken me a year to grow this ass and I am sure it will take at least a year to lose it. I will continue to touch and tap my toes the only difference is I will say no after 8 pm to anything tasty and perhaps eat something green. I will let you know how this goes as well.

So there you have it fat smoking mean girl seeking redemption in 2014. Did 2013 treat you well? What is your 2014 plan?


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