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Angels in disguise


I miss Vegas. On mornings like this I remember the dealers standing at their tables like soldiers ready for a war or better yet like bored toddlers waiting for their parents to show up. Please understand these were some of the brightest funniest folks I have met in bulk in a very long time. They just get that faraway look  as they stand waiting for the world to wake up.

I decided this morning to share my Minotaur. I will tell you what he looked like then you must close your eyes to see him. Tall, beautiful white hair, blue eyes that could be kind and cruel in a heartbeat. Those eyes could also heal or dismiss you in an instant. Think Scorsese before he had kids. You know those films that made us not want to watch but we did. He was tough as nails and gentle as a lion cub. 

When I approached the table I was having trouble walking and keeping my eyes open. Sometimes light tends to blind me in that rude headache way. This was one of those mornings. I sat down and tried to say good morning. He shushed me called the waitress over and a few moments later she brought me a coffee drink that helped. He then patted my hand and told me I did not have to talk just sit still and drink. I did for about 30 min. We quietly watched the casino. Silly children who did not want their night to end, insomnia laden adults who walked silently and the crew who quietly work behind the scenes to keep the illusion alive.  After I got better we started talking. He started working there in the 70’s this came up because a few drunk kids decided I was lucky and sat down. The kids then proceeded to lose quite a bit of money betting on 23. After they walked away I commented on how silly they were. He told me he was trained to block out conversation. Now I had seen his face when the ball was in play so I knew he went zen during that time but all conversation.  This led to a lot of “honey you do not want to know”. The only thing he would share is that he started working in the 70’s when Vegas was “real”. They were trained to block out conversation. I pushed to see how this was done when I got the pat reply above. You see it was a regular thing for the police to take the dealers in any time there was trouble with certain families. So dealers had to be trained to block out conversation. I still mull over that in my mind. What sort of training can do this. I know the military uses some really ugly ways to train levels of intelligence. I wonder if families did the same thing?

All I know is after a week of being home I finally realized why I was drawn to him. You see my daddy had blue eyes. The kind of blue eyes that would pull you from across the room. The kind of blue eyes that made you want to confess every sin, because you knew you would be forgiven. He had those eyes. He also had the kindness to ask me to put away the hundred dollar chip. Of course I felt bad because the original 25 went straight into my purse on the first win. I had been sitting there a while so I continued to play. When I lost everything but my 25 he pulled me close and whispered…It was never your money, go try to get some sleep.

Angel or devil saint or sinner, I will never really know who or why he was. I will only know he was there for me and without him I really do not know how I would have gotten through that last day. So thank you Minotaur may you stay in your maze and enjoy all who try to guess your riddle.



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gestena or Thank you Mirage Las Vegas


I just spent 4 days in an alternative universe. One filled with vampires, zombies, fairies, and a Minotaur. It was amazing.
The universe I speak of is a 6 hour plane/walk/wait away. You see Delta is not my favorite airline.
But Mirage is my favorite Casino/hotel.

Here is why. Kindness. Among the throngs of glassy eyed 20 somethings, desperate lost souls and grannies who “need a new pair of shoes”. I found kindness. This was amazing to me completely unexpected and very appreciated.

I should explain. I have an autoimmune disease which can be tricky. It makes me think everything is OK then slams me to the ground. This only happens when I do not get enough rest or I am stressed, according to my Dr. I find this amusing. You see the two things you get on every roll in Vegas are stress and no rest. Now you are wondering why I chose to go to the place that never sleeps?
Because I love my son, he loves his girlfriend, we all love my husband. So when he got us a Christmas present we would never forget. A four day all expenses paid trip with this beautiful girl and him. Well you see why we had to go. Plus I have seen it on TV my whole life and was really curious. Glad we went but back to the story.

Because of this my disease I wake up on average 2 to 4 hours before the rest of the world. Here is the good stuff. Vegas does not sleep. No really, not like NYC “the city that never sleeps” like for real they do not sleep. They have highly trained dealers that do shifts so the tables are always covered. Now as you can imagine even Vegas has a slow period or two. One of the slower times FYI is between the hours of 4 and 6 am.

Things I did not know:
you can sit at a table and not gamble if there are no players waiting
the waitress will bring you coffee and it is free
They are trained to not listen to your conversations
They are amazing people who have seen the world through many eyes very wise souls, even the young ones

So here I am old broad without the capacity to stay in bed. Hurting all over I slowly approached the table and was welcomed by Johnny. He is originally from the far east but has been here a while. He was so kind, even when the young man sat down and lost thousands as I begged him to stop playing. Then I met Mark, Kevin, Ray, Tami, Fahima,Bobby, the precious girl that gave me extra cream before I asked, the wonderful treatment at the Spa. Thanks ladies. To the exhausted Casino host that tried to help me figure out how the player cards worked. I cannot list all the kindness that was heaped upon me from the bellmen to the front desk to the casino to the restaurants to the spa to the security.

SO if you must see Vegas and you should :
see every Cirque show you can afford
drink lots of water
get plenty of rest, before you go
buy some good tennis shoes
do not go to the Circus Circus, it will make you sad
go downtown it is fun
always, I mean always stay at the Mirage


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