Bodies and minds sometimes conflict

This morning has been interesting. I have a series of exercises I do every morning. I have two bulging disc in my lower back. I am supposed to do these exercises every day. What my physical therapist neglected to mention is I will not be able to get out of bed without these. I put on my front page who I am. My body not doing what I tell it to is part of the 51 acts like 12 year old. One thing I have learned is if you stop moving….you stop moving.

I see all these ads to build strength and add muscle. I have not seen any offering a program that allows you to just get out of bed without creaking and pain. I know there is a demographic that is ignored….me.  I have enough money to give someone for good ideas on this subject but they only want to give me drugs. It is as if once you pass a certain age you are then considered the drug generation.

I choose not to be a druggie. I got that out of my system in my early 20’s. So for now I will be thankful I have insurance and a PT that keeps me moving. Just wondered when my generation became the invisible one.


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