OOps I did it again

I call myself a God girl because christian has taken a whole ugly term although the Pagans might disagree it has always been a little ugly. But choosing that moncler makes me more responsible for my actions than …….well OK I feel it makes me more responsible. In actually you should all watch what you say and do the Hippo got it right “do no harm”.

I have a mouth problem and it has spread to my fingers. You need to know I was a drama queen before the phrase was invented. I started acting when I was 12 and my best friend wore ladies clothing, he did look better in dresses than I did. So what I am doing is apologizing.

Steve Moore I am sorry to tie you into my drama. I adore this man  http://www.physicalplant.org/  the man has a wikipedia entry and has produced off Broadway for goodness sakes.

So anyone who was tormented by the previous post I am sorry to you as well. I threw a bit of a tantrum. I really should buy a legal pad for those days, write it down and throw it away. My hope is by continuing to write I will hone my craft. Someday I will be funny and insightful and learn new words and phrasing I may someday steal from myself to use in a more productive way. Until then go see some art, make some noise,take off your judge robe and giggle when you see things that are silly, kick a wall when you see things that make you mad, and yell really loud when you see things that are wrong.


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