To be fair


I was raised in a world of “God said it I believe it that settles it”. I was kicked out of several churches when the dogma did not make sense and I dared to question. As an adult I have left several churches for the same reason. I chose to raise my children in church so as adults they would have a place to start from. Not the finishing line but a place to start from. I am currently researching Celts see I am a redhead and they treated their women well. I have been told my whole life I am Dutch on moms side and Irish/Choctaw on my dads side. Not much blood mixin.

In my current situation I have time for the first time to seek answers. I am a redhead, my brother is a redhead, my son is a redhead, my maternal grandmother was a redhead, my paternal grandfather was a redhead. My family is split down the middle there are 5 of us two redheads, two native and one brown hair dutch looking lass.  So I am in some circles monarchy or at least of noble blood. One redhead is rare four in that order is unheard of, or at least out of the ordinary according to my resources. The one thing I have had drilled into my head is never be hypnotized. Is that a fear of the blood raising its ugly head or a darkened childhood coming to light?

I have always been drawn to pagan traditions. My family just rolled over in all their graves and the live ones tore their garments screaming to heaven. See it is not allowed. But from what I have gathered this is my heritage. Large redheaded women in a matriarchy that worked. Women who ran armies and raised warriors they trained in combat. I am confused that portion of my history however far removed was never allowed in my home. It was also never allowed in my life witches were frowned upon even though I occasionally heard of the healers that always existed in our midst. But they were not witches, those are evil was the battle cry for my soul. As I look further into my legacy I realize I was misled. It is my mission to understand this for myself and my children. The legacy I choose to share is not one of secrets and misguided love. Instead I choose life. As dirty, beautiful, yin and yang as it is I will continue my mission and pray they understand. If they do not I will miss them.


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