Inspiration? Feel free to run with it.

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Hey my many years old and beloved computer is not allowing me to see this photo. The photo that was sent to me when I punched “inspire me”. So blind faith will give the starting to three different stories. You should finish the one you like. If you share I will share your story.

1) It is hard to leave the flies. I will miss the company. My children love me, I was a great mom. Not so much now. Life can be tiresome.They do not get it. I stay here for them not myself. I suppose that is why my house is now not deemed occupiable by the city. We had such great times here I remember Amber’s first step, it was towards the TV. We were watching that puppet show the kids loved and she just stood right up and walked over to give it a kiss. I know I should care, I just don’t. Amber is busy, Joey is busy life is busy. We do not stop and notice anything until we are forced to. So here I go. How did it get this full. My life was full. Parties that made the neighbors mad. Art that could make you cry and laugh. One suitcase is all I get to take. Not even that old safe, filled to capacity with memories of objects I no longer own. I see them coming up the drive, I have to focus. What should I take..

2) I cannot wait to get rid of this dinosaur. Any day they will be bringing the safeway 2.0. Cannot wait to see the bastards faces. Just because I am not willing to put my life on the line for this penny pinching dump. I have to oversee the refit of the whole security system. Refit that was the word the idiot used, is that a real word or something they make up so we feel inferior. I do not care. I will take the abuse and move on I am closer to retirement than they think. A little here and there adds up. It was not the safe that made that crack head want to shoot people. If they could have seen his eyes they would have saved 60,000. But for now I will be a good boy and sign all these papers.

3) Safe, I am supposed to be safe. But how safe am I? If the shape of that damn thing is any clue. I am not safe. Sonofabitch she could’nt take it not me, not the safe. Now I will spend the day tryin to get into the bastard in case there was somethin left. A crumb a tiny mouse sized crumb, a ring. She had that ring her mom gave her. Yeah if I can get it open I can take that fucker to Lou he likes rings. They are….shiney that is his word. I like that faggot..he is funny. When the others try to hustle him he just smiles and says “you want somethin shiney baby, lift up this skirt” . That always makes me laugh. Yeah I will get this open and go see Lou.


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  1. I kinda love I got all three “wrong”. What would yours be?

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