For my Warrior Princesses and Prince without Fear do somethin

Rise Up

This time may your legs be exacerbated by love and your courage allow you to steal my show.




Rise up my wounded warriors lift your faces to the sky

He is so proud of you and so happy that you did not die

You need to tell your story , tell it fast tell it slow so all the

Little ones behind you will actually know

war……… is………. not ………..the ……..answer

Rise up my broken babies with blood streaming twixt pure lips

your heart is hard with iron and have the girth of hips

that gave birth to baby lions who would defend you till their death

Rise up my beautiful princesses , you now can rest.

Rise up my witty banter rise up with a twinkle in your eye

Make them laugh Make them laugh make them laugh make them laugh

So they never never hear you cry

Rise up my beautiful babies put your faces all to the sky

Raise your hands in the air raise them up so so very high

Let them know we will be heard

Let them know its , ummm its not OK

Let them know you have the answer

Well, have the question anyway.

Why is it OK if you are not my color race creed or taste,

Why is it OK for me to hate

Rise up my wise women you have held your tongues

far too long it is time now for us… to tell the babies

tell them!

when they are stepping wrong,

tell them, learn from my mistake you crazy little bitch

Learn from the mistakes of me, your wise witch

Learn from the mistakes that I made when I was walking your path.

Learn from the mistakes. the joys. the tribulations,

Learn from my past.

Its OK to make mistakes I encourage you to do so,

Because without them you will inevitably….. fail

But through those mistakes

have the wisdom, have the courage , have the courage

to say ….we hail.

We hail you wise women,

We will follow in your path.

We will not allow injustice and ridiculous discourse to last.

We will not talk about the flim nor the flam.

We will not, no not close our eyes.

We will wear the monicker they give us be it

christian atheist feminist or wise

finally rise up my brothers

because you know it is time

you have had your walk in the sunshine

now reach behind you so we can climb not over your back but side by side

lets make this mountain strong

rise up my beautiful brothers it is time to sing our song.


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