Spamarama You should read this if you like ego boost.

So here is the deal kids. I tire of spam. I cannot tell if it is spam or a person reaching out to say “Can you see me?”.  In my world seeing is a form of love for some people I met recently, many of them the only form of love they can deal with.

So if you comment, you need to start with I am not spam. Or another indicator that lets me know you are indeed, well you.

Hackers-I adore you…you will be rich and successful because you get the way the world works. But my bored friends I will not post from you without that information. So if you are botin me just be aware you will no longer be posted without some indication you are not a robot.

Robots unlike humans do not require love….at least not today………..

Ya know I think this post is awesome. But can we agree to not overuse that term. We are tired aren’t we cool lost its punch and awesome is getting close.


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