Sometimes koolaid is yucky

So I refuse to drink the “corporate” koolaid. This reference is to a cult led by a venom filled reptile. They are so pretty but if you try to pet them you get hurt. I am excited that corporations are people now. Why has no one gotten that yet. We can sue them as people. The very law they bought can be used against them. Not in that hot coffee silly way but when they really hurt us.

My example today is websites that offer things. Yes if it looks to good to be true. But stop being so judgemental. I am tired so just pretend my dislexia is not an issue.I cannot figure out how to spell check on this mac. Now think about this you are 45 with kids you can barely feed, car note on a car that is constantly in need of repair and a house falling down around you because the two jobs you hold down are minimum wage. Add to that your partner is stoned or high or speeding through life on meth. Now a web pop up offers you peace in the form of something you could never get for yourself….yeah you would give that info. You know you can afford the dollar or three plus bucks on shipping and damn it you diserve happiness. Problem is the box is already checked and when you realize you have committed to monthly payments that were supposed to go for groceries or rent it is too late. Your public education did not equip you to fight and you are tired. So you put more water in the gravy.

Wake up “merica……they are people and if the guy slapped the girl in the bar you would fight. What is the difference…….go


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