Help me Rhonda

So I was a breech birth…or a breach birth…both could be applied. Point is my mother was in labor for 36 hours without pain medication. So this makes me wonder in my second quarter of a century why she told me my whole life I was given to God. No please understand I would  take a bullet for this lady she is strong, kind and beautiful; my favorite combination for a human. But was it the pain, the long dark night and day, looking into the face of the man she loved and realizing she could not only not stop her pain but she could not even relieve his. Also remember my mother was the most altruistic person I have ever known. She started a program at a nursing home to let the elderly know they were still needed and loved. A program that was so popular she was asked to speak at national conventions on how it worked so others could replicate it.  Please understand how smart this lady is, she with a 7th grade education worked her way up from washing the dishes to being the social activity director. This same lady that until she was physically unable (she is now 83) spent every single wednesday morning after she retired bagging groceries for needy people. She is what I call a warrior made of steel wrapped in bubble wrap.  Let me explain, see bubble wrap is fun if you are 5 or 50 it makes a delicious sound that makes us jump and texturally it does not get better. Steel is strong enough to take the hit..think middle ages and knights. In my mind the warrior has an invisible sword….

Are you following me? So if you are indeed a steel wrapped warrior (trained soldier) wrapped in the most fun substance we have….you can take any punishment because the blows are soften, fit into any situation because you are seemingly harmless, and most importantly hurt or ultimately destroy any enemy that hurts you or people you love.  This has been my life for 51 years and I did not purchase this knowledge at 7-11.  She is amazing and I love her with my whole heart. My primary concern at this moment is i will never say or do anything that would convey any other sentiment.

Point is call your mom…no matter what you feel, no matter what has happened at the end of the day you only get one.


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