Spam I am

So as I look through my comments I see what has to be spam posted several times.  I still think I will post the spam I like.  Not many people take the time and effort to comment. Myself included, do not feel bad it is a human condition. So occasionally spam will make me smile. The ones that stroke my ego are the best. I occasionally go to the “enlarge your penis” or “guaranteed weight loss” websites they are desperately trying to get me to go to. Because behind every hacker, bot, virus and mean mugging comment is a person that wants to be seen. To many of us being seen is being loved. Similar to being trusted or being loved. However you choose to see that the result is the same. Let me give you an example.  At Christmas time I had a mission of love. I was feeling a little invisible, perception is very different from reality. Once I saw that in print I knew I had to clarify. If it is in your head it is real to you so my perception while misguided was very real to me. I post this spam because that person in charge of the decision to send it out is also sending out another softer message. See me.

When I was a teen my favorite music was punk rock my favorite musical “Tommy” and ‘Hair” my favorite book Heinlen’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”. What do these have in common?……..think about it…….

See me, love me, stop hurting me. Check this out:

These might not be the best example but my warriors are sleeping and I am on a mac book….unsure of how to adjust the sound so it serves the purpose for today.

My point is what was your hide a way? Did you find peace in scents like my friend James or film like my beautiful bear Robert or maybe cooking the perfect cake. It does not matter. What does matter is if it has stopped working for you. Speak in language others can hear visit forums and get your own knowledge, perhaps just start by writing it down in a safe place or you might visit my favorite nurses and get a stigmata. I will wear mine with pride but I have always been stubborn and cared about the voiceless, sometimes to the demise of my own health. No worries friends, I know many ways to process darkness and am in the process of getting someone smarter than me to help. Till then feel free to abandon my show before intermission the one thing I strive to do is to lessen not exacerbate your pain. Oh and I will eventually get the grammer right or find an editor.




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  1. Kathleen

    Sometimes, it’s hard to comment not because you don’t care, but because you just don’t know what to say, or because the medium doesn’t suit the message… you know? You have lots of people in the world who love you.

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