Challenge M

I tried to find a site that gave us these kind of prompts I did not find one. I was taught if you want something that does not exist make it. Sometimes we need to get outta our heads and remember why we love to write. Make yourself laugh or cry I do not care. If you are particularly proud of what comes out I will post it here just send me a link.

Funny thing….my husband fussed at me when I got a quote wrong from the game…..he said “without ethics what are we”

SOOOOSO writers, bloggers, bored folks here we go. The first set of sentences was overheard at a fashion show what kind you do not know hehe. The second set was overheard at a ball game….what kind you do not know…I am lovin this. Few reules ….like my accent.

1) Use at least 10 of these 5 from each list.

2) HMMMMMMMmmmm yuep that is it..

andddd GO



I do want to wash my hands…can I wash my hands?

Oh yeah that’s the way.

Be Dustin Be Dustin

I was actually moved to tears

Lets all be Dustin

I know I gotta work this


Just a shitty shitty chain restaurant

I need a piece of gaff

Tequila on my shoulder makes me happy

I am a real man

Did you say edible…not quite deep enough.

Beer is among the one necessity for my life right now

Oh yeah, well you are poking out now

Always a wild card

They said Chicken down, but supposedly I heard they can go underwater.

I need a little piece for my boobies.

I’m feelin a little wild child

dang girl dang

Is that mine….nah Ill take hers



All the blacks have woken up from their slumber  too little too late

clock is at zero substitutions being made

Gimmie yer bowl

All goes flat

again pass isnt sharp

works the outside

He’ll use a stiff arm

He is a big tall man

Get the turn

You carry that mindset with you

Battle for third place

you are obviously dangerous

stop farting for a living

look up and see some support

its itty bitty

Done it so many times

see his foot come rappin

that is frustration

every guy shows the character he has inside


Have fun and remember the rule…….come on there is only one.




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4 responses to “Challenge M

  1. Wow she is mean….are you sure you want to read what she writes? I promised myself I would be honest and my cup was shallow that day. I hoped to drain you for ideas but you were smarter than me. Thanks for that.

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