Fuck you Steve Moore or Are you OK?

So honesty is a virtue and should be appreciated by people who care who they are and what their path is. Kids you might wanna skip this one. Here is a fun video so the click was not wasted-keep an eye on this guy he is God’s kid and is gonna be around for a while. Also google him he is amazing.

Here we go. I love Steve Moore he is beautiful and kind and one of the most amazing playwrights I have seen since Williams. Here is the proclaimed issue, When I asked my very talented and produced friend how to be a good writer he said…..Well Devo write, every day just write…..FINE

I am also throwing a stone at Robert Smythe as well…grrrrrr

Hello my name is Devo I am a ninja. I know this because this morning as I was dressing I noticed I chose all black with a crazy orange scarf. Now those who know me understand over fifty percent of my wardrobe is black so whats the deal D? Here is the deal. I look like a Hipster a over the hill bought my stuff in a resale shop cuz I though it was cool not because my ends did not meet financially this month. So the only conclusion I can come to is that I am a NINJA….woo haa….shh be bery bery quiet….

See my girls…I have many but this statement pertains to the ladies on my work team are having a luncheon today and I being the trained professional I am was trying to look spiffy and not broken.
For some strange reason….oh yeah I am a woman that’s it (head slap).

I think I cannot be honest about how my body feels right now…I just spilled a 40 in honor of unhappy Cam girls.

See when I say broken it is a fun euphemism for fucked up. My back hurts so much I choose not to pick up dog shit….yep fun.

Today I have an appointment with the lovely Tora…to massage me into a stupor so I can last the entire lunch. Wish me luck.

God how I wish I could turn off my brain and be happy watching reruns of trite commercial filled TV.
Lucky bastards that can should thank God every day for that gift. Instead I post witty banter on twitter, read every piece of short (see previous comment) literature I can find. And rant out-loud to my animals to no avail they seem to be unmoved by term limits and he lack of administrative education in education. So there ya go Steve and Robert…I wrote…

Last shout out:
I need the following-
a maid
an accountant
a therapist
a dogwasher
a face to talk to
If you have or would like to send me the following feel free to comment I am sure I will be online. Devo out….in case you are wondering I just dropped an imaginary mike and stormed off in my head. Oh and please do not ask me if I am OK cuz I might just drop this curtain and tell ya….we do not want that.


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  1. Oh and a computer that does not suck something lightweight with a keyboard…. I’m out

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