But I don’t want to…..be out of pudding. 

But I am and Netflix is not working and electronics are letting me down so I suppose I will muse.

What makes you afraid? Is it being seen or not being seen. I saw the most wonderful things the other day something to the effect of being loved at it essence is being seen. 

As I troll for distraction in my current see through cage I have noticed something. Very rarely do you get people who are afraid of being seen make waves. Also those whose fear is not being seen cry out so loudly we cannot see their true essence. I think from my perspective on my imaginary mountain top that if the ones who are fearful of being seen would just step out a little. Then take the abuse and hatred they would find if their grammar or research is not perfect..would just put that in a box and continue on their journey. The world would be a better place.

Of course it is that fear that compels those individuals to change course or take off clothing or crawl back to a safe place.  The world is mean…I suppose if I had to have a box it would be a worldist….I don’t think my history would indicate the other ist…race, gender etc. But I understand the crowd mentality and wish we could as a common group just say no….

He, she, it has an opinion and although it differs from mine I will hear it and ponder why. Wonder why we who look so much alike with our matching limbs or eyes or mouths cannot respect and think before we judge. Just quietly wonder why, then work up the courage to ask.




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