Twitter you little scamp

So I have found another distraction. It is called Twitter for anyone in America with a piece of electronics that can communicate you found that first sentence funny. Understand up to this point I have had a rockin good time, not needing distraction at all. I find myself seeking it now. So hello cowboy…I can watch you think in streams of conscienceless and comment as I please. Thank you auto correct for the proper word. I find it funny and insightful. Spewing anonymously into the universe holds a certain power or freedom I suppose some people do not get in their every day lives.

Being relatively anonymous I enjoy this aspect. I do have to say I saw a tweet that bothered me the other day. Someone tweeted to an account seemingly owned by a very smart and rich person that their child had brain cancer. What was the expected outcome? This sadly reminded me of the woman in the bible who touched Jesus’s cloak for healing. Now you are not very smart if you have not figured out by now our modern celebrities have taken the big guys place in the hearts of many.

Lots of ordinary honest work a day folks have taken this plunge. If you doubt me look up how much money a movie star makes compared to a brain surgeon. We even use a phrase in our culture “its not brain surgery” when relating the difficulty of a task. We worship celebrity so much that we buy in to products and ideas just because someone can play ball or pretend to be another person. I have stated before I respect people who are good at their jobs. It just blows my mind that we hold these folks up to a higher standard because they can catch a ball or cry on cue. Now I get that the good ones work like MF’s to catch the ball every time or like I just saw in MIB 3 tell a story with their face. Mad respect for being good at your job. But why do people think they have the power of Christ to heal or know the best car to drive. They do not do brain surgery or auto repair…..

Quick shout out to the person who posted the “brain surgery” post
If you are indeed looking for healing look up my friend not on twitter, if you are looking for help, contact organizations that can actually help. If you are doing the equivalent of holding up a sign that says “will work for food” as you slug down that 40, remember words have power. If your head starts hurting I would suggest seeing someone with letters after their name.


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