Poem or Not a Poem



I exacerbate you, at least that is what Attila said.

He was the third and the most well spoken

All these years of forced submission have taken their toll

The photos were inconclusive so no assumptions will be made

But a reversal of previous indicators was……indicated….


I must have exacerbated you with my insistence on listening to the second

Well meaning, wait he was the, yes the second , Attila was the fourth

In my constant rushing to put anything and everything behind I have thrown you out


I would like to take this opportunity to say I am sorry


I have always pushed you to your capacity.

My insistence on your utmost performance never demanded perfection

Only the ultimate, very best you could give.

Leaving anything at the starting gate is considered



Now you embarrass me a little, just a little

See darling we had a deal and your end is not being held up.

It takes two and honestly I though you were a Stand Up kinda guy.

Thrifty, Funny, Honest has always been my favorite Trio

Thanks, and Stop or at least go slow enough for me to catch up.


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