I like this guy

So I do not  like Woo Woo. The official description of woo woo to me is touching your inner spirit or  praying to trees, you know general over the top hippy crap. Then there is the “I see dead people” aspect as well. Guess what….I got the woo woo. Now I did not ask for this but I come from a family of secret woo woo. My sister describes it as being “Gods girls”.  My mom told me I was born dead….yep blue and gone. Then she started praying and I started breathing.

Now understand, I have fought the good fight. When I feel compelled to talk to strangers about issues I know they carry deep and want to discuss. I fight it. When I walk into a room and feel the weight of past occurrences that were not pleasant I fight it. When I feel the need to pray for someone at the grocery store I have never met…ok I have always done that one because it is not intrusive and my dirty little secret. 

I kinda wish my big secret was of a sexual nature. You see this is more accepted than the fact I come from a long line of strong women who change peoples lives. 



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January 31, 2013 · 7:10 pm

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