Out Giving God

So I sent out the love that was due to the Mirage. Now I want to explain how this works. You see I am a God girl. That does not mean I will judge you, that is not my job. What my job is from what I can fathom, is to show you he loves you. He wants you to be happy. He is the dad you never had. 

Our earth dads try so hard to be perfect for us but as with many things in life some are not very good at their jobs. Our heavenly Father does not have this issue. See he is really good at his job. I was blocked for years from getting this because traditional church teaches us God the Father. My dad tried really hard, but was not very good at being a father. So when I continuously heard God the Father. I was just waiting for the insult or the spanking or worst yet the invisibility. But that is not who he is. So if you need to readjust your thinking like I did. Close your eyes imagine the one person in the world that loves you the most, now give them a 2.0 update. Yep that’s it.

So if you are beating yourself up like the little guy who lost way too much money in Vegas or are wondering if that outfit will send the wrong message like the beautiful lady in the airport bathroom. Don’t look for validation here just look up. Cuz he sees you and he thinks you are the coolest kid he has ever known.

Oh and all those buildings with tax breaks and crosses…they are kinda like people some are real, some are fake, some are kind and some are cruel. So be wise and kind to yourself first. Look up start a conversation then seek out like minded people. You will be fine Dad told me so.


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  1. Oh in reference to the title of this post. You cannot out Give God…but I dare you to try. See if you can be so kind to others it exhaust you, smile at the guy that flipped you off. Leave your change in the cup at the 7/11 go ahead I dare ya…what else can you do for this challenge? Hmmmm think about it, nah just do it.

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