Had to park this here…so my life.

Things I love and why

I have decided to park the things I find online that amuse and delight me here. This wise person has done a show or two, with puppets. Oh my silly theater friends you have no idea how hard it is to not only get the set, actors, costume, lights and sound finished but to do this with small objects in your hands….that you have to build. Of course in a perfect world the puppets are finished long before the productions start but come on do you live in a perfect world. Jesus was the only perfect person and even his world was a little screwed up remember the whole cross thing (I know he had to do it but still). Also puppets tend to have minds of their own. Sometimes they do not agree to move in a way that is needed for a particular scene. SO you have to ask yourself do I spend another long week with no sleep trying to get it to…..or do I rewrite that scene. More often than not it is the latter.

So if you are going through a particularly difficult production just look at your empty hands and remember the crazies out there who like to do it the hard way. Oh and ask me sometimes what happens when the lead characters head comes off mid show…..good times.


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