A few of my favorite things


christmas card

These are two of my favorite Christmas photos from 2012 with the exception of two photos of beautiful children in my life that I choose not to share. The first is my brilliant amazingly patient and wise husband looking very happy.

The second photo is copied from a friends Facebook. Say what you want but I know god has a sense of humor. “Sure he walks on water but have you ever seen him with a nice Jewish girl? I don’t think so.” had to be a biblical conversation.

This morning as I was ouching my way through some yoga-Thank you Leigh for making me say thank you 108 times through sun salutations, (I used Psalms 138 as my gratitude).I almost face-planting into one of Sebastian caramel apples. For anyone that wants that story it is the ode to Patsy Cline. I paused. While I was finding tissue and walking to the back toilet I realized how big my world is becoming.

I have a very lofty goal this year. I am in the process of writing scripts for a puppet that I do not have to say things that we should not talk about in polite society. These things will be videotaped and hopefully distributed in a way that will reach people I will never meet.

I honestly believe we can change the world. At least we have to try. I have been truly blessed with a remarkable life. I often have opportunity to discuss in a safe healing way the issues that make me sad. Kevin Clash’s rape in the media, why Christianity and Atheism make people so uncomfortable, why we can care more about assault rifles than people..the list goes on. I know I am putting myself and my family out there for public scrutiny. This is scary. I am safe and warm, why do I have this burning desire to tip the apple cart?

I am doing a series on cd called “living your truest identity” by Graham Cooke. He inspires me and gives me the tools to step out into a world that frightens me. You also inspire me.
My word this year is kindness so as I step into this dark place with a tiny flame be kind. Without you I cannot be bold. Without boldness the world will never change.

Also I wish I could take the advice of a wise friend and let my post sit for a while then reread prior to posting. My fear will not let me do that because I would never say these things with contemplation.

So editors out there feel free to contact me and I will give you the password so you can fix these post to make them easier to read.


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