Mornin 2013 lets try to get, along shall we?

Ouch. This is morning when you drink in the evening. Please sir I want no more. Forgive me if I occasionally use run on sentences and other irritating grammatical mistakes. I am posting without editing because this is time sensitive as is my head today. Also Sebastian my 14-year-old Husky is undecided on what he wants and is particularly verbal. Ouch.

As I was trolling for interesting things on FB this am I ran across a friends blog she is doing a fun thing. She has chosen a word for the new year. When she runs across this word she stops and thinks about the person or object that brings it up. Her word is beauty.

I am reminiscing about last night and the beauty I was surrounded by. For some odd reason I find that most of the people in my circle, the family I have chosen are considerably younger than me. As I was enjoying the conversation and occasional dancing I realized how beautiful these folks are. Not only on the outside, which is considerable. Most are in the arts and have a sense of style and care about their appearance. Some with hairstyle, some with clothing choices, some with a commitment to physical health.

The one thing all these people have in common is the beauty that is not visible when they pass you on the street. A beauty that comes from a place deep in their souls. The beauty that allows them to completely listen to you.To make you feel that you are important and vital to the world. This was a tiny fraction of the beauty I am blessed to be surrounded by every day.

We visited a friend on the way to our party and saw such beauty it was overwhelming. I think this beauty has another name, kindness. That is a simple word with a complicated meaning. Sometimes it is so hard to be kind. Again all the beautiful people in my life make this like the art they practice daily look so easy.

If I have a resolution this year it is to emulate these kind artist and if I have a word….well you have figured that one out yes? And my 2013 phrase will be “Be Nice or Go Home” I have finally reached the age that I now know I cannot save the world but I will continue to try so as I run across haters I will say my mantra and go home internally. This is where I keep all the beautiful people who feed my soul.


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One response to “Mornin 2013 lets try to get, along shall we?

  1. Rick Edgeworth

    So true. U rock. Have a great year and tell joe the same for me.

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