Red State is a God thing agree or disagree…

So one of my favorite holiday memories from this season will be watching Red State. This is Kevin Smith’s “horror” film and while I recognize the need to state it is a horror film it is so much more. I felt such an incredible power surge while watching, it was amazing. I was so angry at the people calling themselves christian and using scripture to cause pain to others that I immediately wanted to pull out my bible and see if the quotes were right. How could they take a book out of context like that? As you can tell the fourth wall broke entirely for me through this film; it felt like a documentary that needed to be investigated. I laughed, cried and got pissed – my favorite combination. Kevin is one of my favorite directors. Clerks was good, Jay and Silent Bob has moments that made me laugh, Zack and cop out were fun but Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Red State made me think and I like to think. I consider myself a christian because I believe Jesus Christ was the son of god and he came to earth and helped others nail down (no pun intended) a guide book of sorts to help us figure out our days. I feel a little uncomfortable saying that out loud sometimes due to the nice people that got the Book mixed up in their heads because of the baggage they carry. Watching Red State was powerful for me; I saw an extremist version of some of the negative people that use my title and it was sad. The best part of the film for me was this clip by John Goodman. If you call yourself a christian you should see this film if you call yourself an atheist you should see this film, if you call yourself agnostic you should see this film, if you do not give a shit you should see this film….it is hard to watch but worth it.


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