So today I’m helping with a video for the city that will be used for employee training (which is really funny because I inadvertently crossed the ethical boundary… oops). My boss had to remind me that sometimes, for whatever reason, the heart is wrong. I wonder sometimes how I get through life. People will tell me something important in a convoluted way and think I get it – I don’t. I sorta wonder through life just smelling flowers and smiling at babies. I am working on my listening skills and my shiny disease, though I have to admit it is hard. I have changed numerous bad habits in my life through years of practice. I know I am still a smoker, that is on the list I promise. The thing is, this wiring issue in my brain makes this particular habit a bitch. A very wise woman told me to write my musings, save them to draft, look at it again with fresh eyes a day later, and then post it. So friends as much as you will miss my bad grammar, run on sentences, poor spelling, rambling that never seems to end, and gratuitous use of periods in a row….this one was your last. I will draft/look/fix from today on.


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