My Disease EIO

Yep it is true I have EIO now I do need to tell you this is a relatively new field and so I have self diagonosed. I did do the research and it is the only thing that makes sense, Let me explain.

We will start with a lovely gathering at a friends house for a fellow puppeteer who was in town to finalize her tour through Austin. She was great and towards the end of the get together went to get her alter ego. Then we were amused and delighted for almost an hour. Sitting amazed at the talent that flowed forth I decided to video one of the songs she shared and some of the crowd vamping she was doing in the backyard with the gathered crowd. Now this is not something I would normally do but the love of my life was not present and I knew my verbalization would not do justice to what I was witnessing. SOOO I video taped……without asking ……now I was not the only  person with this idea but to poorly quote my favorite book “when the blind lead the blind they will all fall in the ditch”. Now this lovely lady had sent me a text earlier in the evening with  a photo…but that is another story. I had her phone number….I had a clown gig….I am a smoker….it was all coming together in my mind. I was driving to the country club to do facepainting and balloons for a local charity when I had the eureka moment. I quickly pulled into the nearest parking lot and snapped a photo of myself smoking. I then in my frensy to show how clever I was typed a quick quip to the actress and sent the photo. Her response was odd….who is this and I cannot receive photos on this phone…..ok…..odd. But fueled by the frenzie of my cleverness I answered with an apology and an explaination of what the photo was and how she could use it. No answer. I have offended.. I also had the actresses email . So naturally after my gig I shot off a quick apology and explaination of my disease. Errrr here is the rub..

This morning I was still a little distressed I offended the actress so I doublechecked the text messages. Now these messages made the evenings encounter make sense. I had not actually texted the actress you see I had texted the gentleman I met last night. He did not mention it but the large smile on his face indicated a private joke I was not a part of…the director of the charity. 

Now this is not the only issue I had last evening. After. note I said after I had done all the crazy in the above I got home and was offered a pot brownie. I have never had a pot brownie so I tried a tiny bite. My phone rang it was a beloved child I had to answer. I have an unusually close relationship to all my kids the ones I gave birth to the ones I raised and the ones I found. So I blurted I just ate a pot brownie… hu…to which they replied I just kissed someone who is not my partner. So I then proceeded to give sage advice on marrage while the brownie kicked in…I will speak to said partner today to make sure I did not tell my beloved to do something crazy. 

I will continue to fight my Embarrasing Impulse Outburst but I ask your kindness as I do. I also ask if you see one rising in me…the indicators are a quick inhale of breath followed by large eye movement an rapid hands. Please gently remind me to stop and think.



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