vacation and back again

So I updated the dog blog with Rowdy’s adventures. What I did not post was the incredible time Joe and I had with each other. After 25 years you would think we would run out of things to say, not so. We talked, laughed, rested and spent quality time dressed and otherwise. So I strongly recommend taking time for the one person that should be the center of your universe. We get so caught up in the to do’s and should do’s and must meet withs that we sometimes forget to just be. So anyone reading this –  take time to just be. It does not have to be at a fantastic location that does not have cell service or wifi like we were lucky enough to have. Anywhere will do.   My challenge to you is to turn off all electronics at least for  a day and enjoy the person sitting next to you.


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  1. Brenda

    Great words of advice that I really need to take heed with! I seem to put my business ahead of the one I love, could be why he is somewhat unhappy at times. He loves me….a lot, this I know very well…but I will learn from your words here and make a change today….today, you may not be able to reach me!! Thank you for making my brain stop and think…

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