Squash love

So last night was the puppet incident and it was a great success. I offered a piece that we called calabeza de amore. It was a Spanish soap opera using garden vegetables. You see what happened was when Diego Squash met Maria he fell head over heals in love so they married. BUT he was not a good man he could not satisfy her in the ways of love so she sought solace outside the marriage with his best-friend Jesus Pear. When she got pregnant there were suspicions but when the babies were born and looked just like pears Diego called out to the heavens to help him get his revenge. At this point the puppeteer picked up the pear and ate him….It worked, I just sometimes wonder if other people see vegetables as a vehicle for drama. Or is it only me….

Either way it was a blast could not have happened without Chris Owens, Caroline Reck and Ben Cunningham.. Wow what talented people that don’t mind making a fool of themselves for fun and profit. I love puppetry.


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  1. it was an awesome performance!

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